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Interior Design Solutions For Long Corridors & Asymmetrical Fireplaces

Got an awkward space in your home like a long narrow corridor or an asymmetrical fireplace? In this Ask A Designer live video session, I walk through easy design solutions for long corridors & fireplaces guaranteed to solve even the most awkward of spaces.

If you’re seeking furniture arrangement tips, fireplace ideas, and overall space-saving ideas, you’re going to want to watch till the end to hear all my interior design tips on how to create flow and relationships in open-concept living spaces and grab my key designer secrets- perfect height and size relationships to nail your living layout from the start.

Check out the video to learn all my design tips and tricks and be sure to leave a comment with your key takeaways 😁

Looking to have your own one- on-one design brainstorming session for your project questions or design dilemmas? Book your Ask A Designer session and gain project clarity today!


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