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I'm Gabriella...

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Having been in the construction industry for over 12 years as both an interior designer and project manager and seeing first hand the disconnect between a design vision board and the reality of building, I knew the system and messaging being relayed to women was broken.

There is a better way to approach your design projects……. And it doesn’t involve more vision boards or Pinterest scrolling.

I know how daunting it can be to decide to take on a home reno, remodel, or new build project in the first place, and how it can feel super overwhelming when you’re hit with so many conflicting options and advice on how to curate that perfect dream home from online sources, magazines, or your favourite shows.


Each resource gives you jussssssttttt enough info and inspo to soak in the design style and advice, yet not enough information on how they got there.

Well, I had enough

I was so tired of the cookie-cutter home looks that crowded my social media feeds and was so over the fluff and unrealistic design flips showcased in my fav design shows, that I decided to take my years of experience and teach you how to align your design ideas alongside execution best practices.

Giving you the strategies and tactics that you need but have never been shown before to create that sweet spot

where you get the home of your dreams without stressing over every dime

you see and understand the bigger picture and how it all ties together without making it cookie cutter

and you gain confidence in your decisions so you can love the experience and continue to live your life throughout the design and construction process

Too much emphasis is placed on creating a vision or mood board and that it is the way to project success…. yet when your project isn’t coming together like the idea in your head, you're left wondering what you did wrong and confused about how your vision board failed you.

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I’m different because I teach the design strategies and execution tactics you need to set up your project before you dive into the pretty things, so you have a framework in place that drives all the decisions and aligns your design direction. It’s not about the vision, it’s about your strategy.

You have the right to:

build and create your dream home

 run a project like a boss and not feel like you are going to be undermined or spoken down to

know how to track your money, where to spend it, and how to spread it out so that you get your dream vision

be proud of what you have created for your family and future 

 My goal is to give women the tools they need to build the perfect home for their family’s futures so they can build the home they love without feeling like a failure or fraud.  

Come join me in one of my programs, where you’ll learn how to take the idea in your head and shape it into your dream home and how to manage all the contractors, trades, and suppliers that come along with any home project, with ease, confidence, and style.

A little bit about me...

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I’m A Foodie and a Wino

Wine has to be my all time fav thing. Pair that with a delicious meal and you’ve won my heart…. For life. Living in Canadian wine country means vineyards and food pairings are bountiful in my back yard, and I dig it.


I LOVE the Outdoors

Any excuse to get outside is a good one for me. I like to spend my weekends hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, and floating on the channel ---- you get my drift. Fresh air, good tunes, my hubby, and my doggo are all I need.

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Organization Tools are my Jam

Wine is the way to my heart but showing up with a well-laid-out spreadsheet or Airtable task list is a close second. I can’t help it. Laying out project specifics and the tasks that make it all happen gives me all the feels. ---- I’m a nerd, I know.

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Teaching is in my Blood

Teaching and mentoring back my knowledge and experience has always come naturally to me and is definitely one of my zones of genius. So much so, that in my 4th year of my bachelor program, I won the Herman Miller Mentorship Award.


Bachelor of Interior Design (BID)
Kwantlen Polytechnic University 

Associates Certificate of Project Management with Honors

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Designated Project Management Professional (PMP)
Project Management Institute



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