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Join the House To Home Challenge:

3 Weeks To Design Clarity.

The 5 key design steps you need to take to create your dream space and how to implement them today! 

Challenge launching in January 2024

Snag your spot on the waitlist today so you don’t miss any sneak peeks or info 😉

We’re spilling the tea on the unknown steps you NEED TO BE TAKING
to transform your house into your dream home.  






You’re inspired and driven to tackle your house to transform it into your dream home, but stuck on where to start to pull the idea in your head into reality.


You’ve realized that trying to create your perfect dream space, one worthy of the gram, takes a little more than searching Pinterest for inspo and inputting what you see.


You’re frustrated because no matter what you search for in Pinterest or Insta, you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for and left with more questions than answers.


You’ve purchased throw pillows for the same sofa 10 times and still can’t find ones that work and pull your space together like you want. You’re about to loose your mind!

have no fear!

This FREE challenge will show you exactly how to solve these common problems, and how to move out of the research phase into action with confidence knowing it will all work.

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This FREE Challenge Will Show You How To:

Define Your Idea

To transform your space you first have to understand what you’re trying to create, what’s not working, and why it matters.

How To Measure Your Space

Despite popular belief, you can’t accurately design your home without understanding your space and it’s limitations. This means dimensions baby!

How To Source Images Correctly

Avoid the Pinterest worm hole of cookie cutter images that don’t quite hit the mark. Learn how to refine your search parameters and find what you seek.

How To Lay Out Your New Room

Creating a perfect room is about relationships. Learn the critical and common dimensions that will make your space go from meh to wow!

Sourcing Your Curated Finds

Reduce option overload by learning how to breakdown your shopping list and refine your search parameters.

Plus Templates + Tools to Help it All Come Together With Ease!


Challenge starting January 2024!
Snag your spot on the waitlist today so you don't miss any sneak peeks or info 😉

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