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Are You Ready To Stop Dreading Your Home Remodel Project And Start Seeing Your Dream Home Easily Come To Life Before Your Eyes?

Manage Your Build So It Doesn’t Manage You

Introducing Savvy Construction Clinic: the ultimate 2-day, LIVE, deep dive workshop that removes the roadblocks and overwhelm and gets your specific project dialed in on the exact process, tracking, and management tools you need to run your construction project, so it stops running you.


Home remodeling made easy.

Is This You?





You’re working with a design build company or working with a contractor directly who is designing and building your house and you want to have more hands-on input to feel more involved in the decisions


You want to feel respected on site, and feel that the direction and ideas you provide to the construction team will be executed without push back


You’ve remodeled or renovated in the past and had a negative experience where the construction process was a nightmare, and you don’t want to repeat those mistakes


You’re  in the middle of a building out your dream home and shit is starting to go sideways ……

then this is for you!

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You’ve watched all the design TV shows and seen the dream homes easily come to life, but you never knew the build out process was going to be this complicated and time consuming.

Let’s face it --- there’s nothing more frustrating than working your whole life to build your dream home, only to feel like you’re needing to make sacrifices left, right, and center to make your ever dwindling budget work, and now you’re not getting what you truly want.

You know you should have a plan in place and a way of tracking your costs, but you're at a loss of how to set this up. You've even tried talking to your contractor about your needs and wants, but it goes in one ear, and out the other. 

You can feel that your project is starting to go off the rails and you don’t know how to get it back.

The truth is that the only way to effectively manage any construction project so that it stops managing you, isn’t achieved through chance and email monitoring ---- it’s achieved by building out the core foundational aspects right out of the gate:

a fully developed  budget that completely outlines everything that's involved in your project, as well as how to track it and how to manage it for the rest of the project duration.

a schedule that you know how to track and follow, including critical timelines to coordinate the moving pieces of product arriving to your home

an understanding of the build out process, and how to hire the right people for your team and what you need to be looking out for how to cover your butt and protect yourself

how and what meetings are needed, why they're needed, and how to run them effectively, so that you can walk onto a site with confidence and gain the respect of the trades and contractors

Boundaries that you can easily set up with your contractor to facilitate communication moving forward, so that you can clearly state what you need and expect for the project moving forward  






“ As a newbie in the world of construction, she made the process so easy. She was excellent at explaining next steps and how we were going to tackle problems. I did not know what I was getting into, but she was able to lead and direct so efficiently, I always felt safe with her. "

Nicole Cleckner


What Makes Savvy Construction Clinic So Different?

Our proven 3-tier process fills in the missing piece of the construction puzzle. During the 2-day intensive, you’ll work inside your specific project, no test projects here, and implement the process during the two days, allowing you to walk away with clarity, direction, and a proven process to bring your project back into alignment.

Review The Why

The first phase to managing your build project is to Review the Why. In this phase, we work through what needs to happen in each section and why it's important. By the end, you’ll know what you’re building towards and a glimpse at what’s not working for you.

Strip It Down

The second phase to managing your build project is to Strip It Down. This is where we strip down what you have in place for your project, highlight all the holes, gaps, and items that need to be included for your project to get back on track. Laying the groundwork for what’s to come.

Built It Up

Once you know what’s not working and why, the third and final phase to managing your build project takes action. Build It Up. This is the phase where lightbulbs start firing and we work towards building out your sections specific to your project’s needs. At the end of this phase, you’ll have an arsenal of tools to help you streamline your build so you can get back to living your life.

It’s Time to Make The Construction Process Work Into Your Life, Not The Other Way Around

The construction of your dream home has taken over your life for too long. It’s time to take back control and manage that build like the boss you are.

We’re just as excited as you, and cannot wait to bring you this amazing workshop come Fall 2023.

Join the waitlist to know when doors officially open.

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