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Gabriella Milgrom

Home Design + Building Expert

Teaching you the design strategies & management tactics needed to create your dream home without sacrificing time, money or the perfect home for your family and future.

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About Me.....

I'm a foodie, a wacky dancer, and a lover of wine. If you don't know me well yet, you probably won't understand my humour and love for a good spreadsheet. Therefore, I apologize in advance. I'm passionate about design and planning tools that just make life better, but more importantly, sharing my expertise and knowledge with you so you can crush your own projects, wherever you may be in your own journey.

I'm so glad you're here!


There's nothing I love more than sharing the things that I love. From sponsored posts to content creation - if you're a brand interested in a partnership opportunity, I'd love to chat!

Email me at


Interested in working together to design + execute a reno or new build, or simply design a space in your home? Click the link below to learn more about our design service offerings.

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