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Neutral Paint Colours To Make Your Home Pop

Don't make the mistake of picking an untinted white or "white white" paint to create a neutral colour palette.

While remaining neutral on the walls provides more opportunity for your artwork, furniture & accessories to become the leading ladies in the room, too stark of a white can leave your space feeling "too white"... if you know what I mean.

Instead try one of these fresh, tinted whites that will add just the right amount of colour to your life while still maintaining neutrality for your focals to shine. Be careful to pay attention to the colour undertones when pairing with other colours.

Colour Perception

Don't trust your screen colour rendition to be accurate. The pixels that make colour come to life digitally are very different from actual colour pigment. Okay, so then how do you actually figure out what white you love and will work in your space?

  • Download the PDF through the button below.

  • Head to your local Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams and pick up at least 4 paint chips of each of the tinted whites on the list

  • Once you get home, tape the 4 squares together to create a larger paint chip sample.

  • Use that larger paint chip sample to see how the natural and synthetic light in your space affects how the colour is perceived

  • Pick the white that speaks to you the most.

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