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Home Renovation Budgeting Tips: Costs To Build Dream Home

Struggling to know if you can afford the home renovation or remodel of your dreams? In this video, I’m breaking down the 7 critical parts that make up a construction budget, giving you the hidden secrets to accurately budgeting for your home renovation or remodeling projects.

Never again doubt the total costs to build your dream home, or be left scrambling for money in your renovation or home remodeling projects. Regardless if you are flipping houses and getting into real estate investing, or if you are hiring the full project out to build your dream home or DIY home remodeling– you need an accurate budget that outlines the finances you need in place.

Let this video be your guide to budgeting for home renovations!


Still don’t know where to start in building a budget? Grab your very own design strategization where I deep dive into your project specifics and work out all the kinks- providing you with a plan of action, key next steps to transform your idea into reality, and a rough budget estimate so you can move forward with confidence. session and let’s deep dive into your project specifics together!


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