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Home Renovation & Remodeling
Clarity without the fluff

Home Renovation + Remodeling
Clarity Without the Fluff

Teaching you the design strategies & management tactics needed to create your dream home without sacrificing time, money or the perfect home for your family and future.

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Ask A Designer

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Design Brainstorm Sesh

Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a designer and get your burning questions and design dilemmas solved?.....  Well, now you can!


Join me for a free 30-minute virtual brainstorming session where we deep dive into your project questions and design dilemmas and let me help you align your vision to reality.

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Design Your Space

Join The House To Home Challenge:

3 Weeks To Design Clarity

Join my FREE design challenge to learn the 5 key design steps you need to take to get out of your head and into your dream space.

This free challenge will show you exactly how to start your dream vision, how to tie it all together and help you reduce option overload by showing you how to shop more effectively and with intention. 

Best Design Clarity Freebies You Can Snag
To Build Your Dream Home Your Way

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hello there


Do you feel like you're floundering under the weight of all the decisions and unknowns in your home reno or remodeling project?

And every time you head looking for design direction you’re smacked with the same cookie-cutter looks that flood your social media, and unrealistic transformations showcased on your fav design shows, which never give you the answers you’re seeking?

Ya, I hear ya

I’m a straight-talking, spread-sheet-loving, accredited interior designer and professional project manager, who believes that the path to home design glory isn’t solely achieved through a vision, it’s achieved with a strategy.

My goal is to break through the jargon and online misconceptions and teach you how to create your dream home, the right way from the start, by planning, mapping out the details, and focusing on the “boring stuff” that will lead you to the home you’ve always imagined for your family and your future. 

You've come to the right place, and I can't wait to help you build the dream home you’ve always imagined for your family and your future. 

You Can Catch Me Here

2021 FACE OF

The Faces of Penticton is a yearly publication showcasing leaders of the industry and community. Trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and those trying to make their community a better place.

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Years as a Interior Designer + Project Manager


In accumulated budget values in the past 5 years


Of the Herman Miller Mentorship Reward

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Savvy Design Academy

Master Your Design Strategy To Conquer Your Dream Vision

Do you want to create your perfect dream home but don't know where or how to start?


Savvy Design Academy is the most comprehensive program for designing, outlining, planning, and budgeting any home design project - reno, remodel, or addition.


It’s the only training program of its kind that teaches you the design tools you need to nail down a cohesive package - but also the strategies you need in place before you launch into construction to ensure your project is a success. 🚀

Snag Your Spot
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Savvy Construction Clinic

Manage Your Build so It Doesn't Manage You 

Are you knee deep in the start of construction and the flood gates of urgent questions have already started pouring in on ALL. THE. THINGS? And you’re asking yourself how am I supposed to manage this, a job, and a family?


Savvy Construction Clinic is the ultimate deep dive, live 2-day workshop that removes the roadblocks and overwhelm, and gets your specific project dialed in on the exact processes, tracking, and management tools you need to run your construction project, so it stops running you!


Home Remodeling made easy. 

Create Your Dream Home Without The Sacrifice

“ Working with Gabriella has been nothing short of an amazing experience! Professional, reliable, fun, and engaging. This experience has been better than I could have imagined."

Dessi Dimitrova


After 12+ years designing and managing homes, cafés, fitness studios, restaurants and hospitals, I’ve learned what makes a remodel project a success and why they fail.


The biggest truth bomb - it's not about the vision, it’s about the strategy.


You don’t need a bigger, prettier vision board, or more saved inspo images to transform the idea in your head into design glory. You need to develop the key design drivers, strategies, and management tactics that ensure successful project completion.


There is no magical vision board pairing or Pinterest pinning secret that will create your dream home. If you're looking to create something truly special, and unique for you and your family, I’m here to show you how.

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Catch the latest drop of Ask a Designer series on the Savvy Designer Blog. 


The only free interior design brainstorming session available, right to your inbox. 

Want Some No Fluff Tips On:

  • How to layout your space and pick the right furniture. 

  • pick out items or materials

  • nail down your layout

  • what to do in your room or design project

  • contractor hiring questions

  • conflict or issues with your contractor team

  • budget questions 

  • ..... pretty much anything to do with design and managing a reno or new build is on the docket. 

I've got you covered!

Tune into the latest series drop to catch the answers to real-life projects + design dilemmas and learn how to implement these solutions into your home today.



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